These are the posts we've written that are a little more personal, opinionated, or conversational than the rest. They're designed to spark conversation, share experiences, and provide perspective. Please join the discussion!

Developmental Redesign 

Accelerated Classes: What do you think about accelerated developmental classes? Have you had success with it? Faced obstacles?

Classroom Management

Phones in the Classroom?: Many teachers are experimenting with using cell phones as teaching tools. What do you think?

When Students Say "Why Don't You Like Me?": When student performance gets tied to how much the teacher "likes" them.

Teaching Philosophy

Remembering What It's Like to be "Developmental": Sometimes we teach subjects that come easy to us but are a struggle for our students. How can we make sure we remember what it feels like to be "developing."

Fake Poker and Having No Stakes, How Do We Manage Audience?: We ask our students to imagine a larger audience when they write for our classes, but can that imagined audience ever really provide the conditions of the real thing?

On Which I Do Not Bash Textbooks: Am I using the textbook the way the author(s) intended? Am I using it as a safety net for a braver form of my own teaching? How should we use textbooks, and can/should we do away with them?

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