Writing Process

Here are some links to different resources on the writing process that might be useful for students to read or for teachers to consider as they plan class discussions and activities.


  • "Brainstorming" from UNC: This UNC handout provides a thorough list of brainstorming techniques and explanations of why they might be helpful in different writing situations. 
  • "Pre-Writing Strategies" from York: This York University resource breaks down several points about pre-writing, including specific brainstorming activities.  
  • "4 Steps to Successful Brainstorming": This Forbes article is not about brainstorming for writing; rather, it is a reflection on how to brainstorm successfully to solve problems. This can inform the way we talk about the larger purpose of brainstorming and how writing skills connect to general problem-solving skills. 



  • "Shitty First Drafts" by Anne Lamott (pdf): Drafting is hard for everyone, and nobody can make that clearer or more genuine than Anne Lamott with her honest and hilarious style. 



  • "20 Great Writers on the Art of Revision": This collection of quotes from famous authors helps to demonstrate that revision is a part of the process for everyone, and it's not always the easiest part. 
  • Acts of Revision Chapter 1: Acts of Revision is a book on revision aimed at students, and the first chapter has been made available online. This chapter deals with student attitudes toward revision and how they sometimes are the first to be revised. 



  • "Writing is Recursive": Author Darcy Pattison has a short, simple post about the recursive nature of the writing process. 

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