Monday, April 29, 2013

Tech in the Classroom: PB Works

This is part of a series of reviews of websites, platforms, and social media sites. Some are useful for teachers in a SMART classroom (with a teacher-station computer, internet connection, and projector). Others lend themselves more to a lab where each student has her own computer. Hopefully these can help us communicate with our students, present information effectively, and encourage collaboration, feedback, and active participation. See our previous review of Wordpress and Facebook.

Here's a review of the very first content management platform I ever used: PB Works. 

In technology age, four years seems like a lifetime. In 2009, I was completely new to wikis, class  webpages, and SMART classrooms in general. Long before I knew anything about managing a course website, a friend recommended PB Works (formerly PB WIki) for my class, so I went with it then. This is a great resource for student-led collaboration on projects. I wouldn't use it again for presenting class information, but I would definitely use it for student projects.

Link to the free PB Works Classroom Edition:

Here's the page I created for several of my writing classes at Southwestern Illinois College.